I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. But then, I hope I never do. I  know, that given unlimited funds, I would free myself from my day job - and bang on the drums all day !!


When not at work or playing with the band, Ryan enjoys being with his wife Tracy, and cat Wisp. He also enjoys being outdoors, especially mountain biking, hiking and skiing. Accomplishments include mountain biking up Mt. Washington, in New Hampshire during the annual Tin Mountain Charity race, climbing Mt. Rainier in Washington State, and patent number 6,357,220. Ryan also enjoys travel and photography with Tracy.

Ryan lives in Connecticut. He has been playing drums since he was nine. Following college, he was in a band called "The Urge"  for several years with his wife, Tracy, who was the lead singer. Following the break up of "The Urge", Ryan Joined Idlewilde around 1994. 

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